Agnieszka Koczot is a Polish painter based in London. From 1997 to 2002 she studied Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Design and History of Art amongst other subjects in Liceum Plastyczne im. Piotra Michalowskiego in Rzeszow in Poland. In 2007 completed her BA( Hons) Degree in History of Art, Design and Film in Kingston University in Kingston upon Themes in United Kingdom.

Oil paintings as well as acrylic paintings characterise optimism, suggestion and symbolism. The paintings attempts the transformation of the everyday, vividly conjuring up realms of alternative realities. The colour palette of her paintings is mostly made of subdued pastels, however colours such as white ad black are often utilised which gives some paintings more graphic look. Colour is of special importance, it allows the creation of the desired atmosphere within the painting. The expressiveness of her painting is owed to bold brush strokes as well as the technique of impasto, where the use of brush is visible as well as the texture of the paint which gives it three dimensional sculptural rendering.

Her landscapes, still life and nudes are not limited by realism but are dreamlike - depicting particular mood or ideas. Rather than being descriptive, this work attempts to capture the immediate -and the expression of the moment.

Landscapes and Seascapes are not only pictures of nature that represent an almost idyllic way of seeing and a love of the great outdoors, but also vision in which the artist depicts particular atmosphere and disposition. Created image is almost abstract which gives the spectator freedom of interpretation.

The study of the female nude is symbolic and it is representative of the archetypes, emotions and instincts that we share with every other human being.

Agnieszka welcomes you to her website and hopes you enjoy it.